Episode 177 of the CPL Poker Podcast

Episode 177

Released 03-22-2015


–Listener Reach Out–Pocket Kings

–Hand of the Week

–MN Music featuring Kids Like Us with “Vertigo”

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WSOP 2015 Colossus

The 2015 World Series of Poker is about to get underway again at the Rio in Las Vegas!  This year we are particularly excited about Event #5 The Colossus which begins on Friday May 29th! This is a $5 million guarantee No Limit Holdem tourney.  It is a bracelet event.  It is only $565.

You’ll get $5000 in chips and will see 40 min rounds during one of the four starting flights (5A 10am May 29, 5B 6pm May 29, 5C 10am May 30, 5D 6pm May 30).  Rounds then move to 60 min after day 1.  If you bust out in any of the earlier starting rounds (5A-5C) you can re-enter the tourney in a later starting round. If you’re a weekend warrior like us, this is the perfect way to get into the WSOP without breaking open the savings account.  Get to Vegas, drop $565, get your pic taken at the table, and go for it!!

Expected field is between 4000-6000 per starting flight, making this the largest NLHE tournament ever held.  Register early!  Lines are expected to be long! If you get busted out, you can always look back at your pic at the table, your lanyard, and have some fun playing some video poker!

Episode 176 of the CPL Poker Podcast

Episode 176

Released 03-08-2015


–CPL News

–CPL and the GMIPT

–MN Music featuring fDeluxe with “Sanctified”

–MN Music featuring Venus On Fire with “Lure The Cure”

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Classic Repost: “For Valentine’s Day 2015”

**Updated for 2015**

I think I’m in an abusive relationship.  My gal is alternately an early Spring or late Fall day.

Sometimes things seem to be going so badly between us it’s like I’ve been abandoned, all alone, on the center of a frozen Mille Lacs Lake in the middle of January.   My gal will then come “pick me up”, treat me well and make me feel as if I’m riding on top of the world – like an early Spring thaw in that otherwise bitterly cold Minnesota winter.  Of course, she’ll eventually insist on treating me like a harsh March snowstorm; letting me know that she’s still in charge and, like the groundhog who never sees his shadow, summer will still be a long while in arriving.

Other times, things are going great between us, but now it’s like late Fall.  I just know “winter” is coming and she never fails to let me know that life’s warm victories are easily replaced by frosty nights.

It’s like I can’t win for losing with her.  I don’t know if it’s bi-polar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, or simply wanton cruelty.  All I do know is that she’ll invariably rotate from treating me like a King to giving me the “hammer” – moving from giving me what I want and need to taunting me and denying me everything.

I think I’m in an abusive relationship, and, my girl’s name is “Variance”.

Episode 174 of the CPL Poker Podcast

Episode 174

Released 2-8-2015


–Intro Banter–Ante Up Home Game

–CPL News–WSOP 2015

–MN Music featuring Wyld Starzz with “I Know”

–MN Music featuring Ampherium with “Vengeance”

–Interview with Courtney Yasmineh–Album release, Red Letter Day

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WSOP 2015 ME – More Payouts, More Millionaires

By Phil Fuehrer

A few days back the WSOP reversed course on their $10 million guaranteed first place prize announcement for the 2015 Main Event – and, I couldn’t be happier.  Instead, there will be 1000 payouts – up to 20% of the field.  Additionally, if the 2015 field size meets or exceeds the 6683 that played the Main Event in 2014 then the entire final table will win a minimum of $1 million.  In 2014, only the top 7 broke the $1 million mark.

The WSOP ME has tended to pay out about 10% of the field, however, after last year’s $10 million guarantee for first, social media began buzzing about two items: 1) more people should be paid in a $10,000 tourney with field sizes that exceed 6000 runners, and 2) making the final table should be worth at least $1 million.  In response, the WSOP opened up an online survey, which is still accessible, to poll players’ opinions.  In the survey, respondents were asked how much “the WSOP Main Event Winner deserves” if the field size stays at 6683 players with choices ranging from $5 to $13 million, as well as how much a min cash should come in at (ranging from $11,000 to $20,000).  Two additional questions asked how much of the field should cash (7.5% to 20%) and what would make a player more likely to partake in the tournament (choices included the $10 million first place prize, 1000 payouts and a guaranteed $1 million for making the final table).

According to PokerFuse reporting the WSOP listened to the responses with Seth Palansky, WSOP.com’s Editor-in-Chief, noting that, “More than 86% of respondents support the 1,000 places paid and Top 9 becoming millionaires.”

The guarantee is now that 1000 places will be paid provided there are at least 5000 entrants.  That would be 20% of field cashing but based on actual/anticipated turnout the payouts should go to somewhere around 14.5% of the field – close to a 5% increase over the usual payout numbers.  It looks like a min-cash would come in at $15,000.

The WSOP has released a comparison of 2014 to 2015 if the number of entrants were identical (6683).  First place would still receive life-changing money taking down $8 million instead of $10 million.   The entire final table would be millionaires instead of only the top 7.   Nearly ever position payout would be slightly reduced, as compared to 2014, to pay out an extra 306 spots.

I believe this move creates a far healthier poker community while still creating an attractive main event (9 millionaires and an $8 million first place prize).  And, I’m very happy to see the tournament organizer (the WSOP) listening, and reacting, to their customers.  Now, if I only had the funds to actually participate….