Best of Music Shows

Every episode of the CPL Poker Podcast includes at least one “Minnesota Music Segment” where we give a little love to the local music scene.  If you’re a poker player you’ll often be listening to an Ipod so we give you some solid local music to load onto that .mp3 player.

At the end of each year – what’s become our Christmas present to you – we put together our annual “Best of MN Music”.  It is, probably, our own favorite and most anticipated episode of the year.

For your listening pleasure – here are some of our “Best of Music” episodes:

2014 – The best of 2014 – Episode 171, posted on 12/25/2014, sees Rani and Alison Scott return to the top ten.  It also includes an artist that auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice”.  Were one them the top song?  Take a listen!

2013 – Posted 12/24/2013, Episode 158 includes “The Voice” contestant Mark Andrew (eliminated in the Battle Rounds) and one of the CPL’s favorite MN artists, Courtney Yasmineh.  How did they do?

2012Episode 139 brings us the top 10 songs played in 2012.  This year’s best song were a particularly eclectic mix with Cwn Annwn, Elizabeth Langham, iKE, and The Langers Ball among others.  Published Christmas Day, 2012.

2011 – In Episode 119, Mark and Phil countdown the top 10 songs played on the CPL Poker Podcast during 2011!  Released on 12/26/2011

2010 – A New Year’s gift, Episode 99 came out on 12/28/2010.  It was preceded with our announcing and playing White Light Riot in the #11 spot during Episode 98.


We hope you enjoy the music as much as we do!

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