Episode 185 of the CPL Poker Podcast

Episode 185

Released 11-28-2015


–WSOP 2015 wrap up

–Poker News

–MN Music featuring Jeromy Darling with “Omega”

–Phil’s poker Happenings–AQ

–MN Music featuring Apollo Cobra with “Let’s Dance to This”


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Bumper music by Stew, Heart, Venus on Fire, and IKKI

2 thoughts on “Episode 185 of the CPL Poker Podcast

  1. Thanks for the love guys. Yes, I was part of ODYC (wow, haven’t heard that name in awhile) and yes, we used play this tune together. It was released on an album when ODYC morphed into The Great Upset. This is my favorite song from that period – thanks for the love!

    I’m now a solo artist – http://www.jeromydarling.com – and have a ton of new stuff. Even on a few Grammy ballots right now. Lots of crazy things happening. Bring me on the show sometime – I give good interviews 🙂

  2. OK,

    I love A Q. I play it like others play A K, and because i dont like A K and even fold it allot, when my A Q hits, it is hidden. Plus, if it makes a straight, it is a little more hidden.


    Mark (the historian)

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