Episode 179 of the CPL Poker Podcast

Episode 179

Released 05-10-2015


–Pocket K’s listener feedback

–MN Music featuring Westside with “Ay Bonita”

–Poker Shot Clock discussion

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Bumper music by Stew, USA for Africa, Vaudeville and IKKI

One thought on “Episode 179 of the CPL Poker Podcast

  1. Good conversation on KK, as well as on the shot clock debate. Mark was right in that my assessment of slow-played KK as “junk” when an A flops changes a lot based on details. That totally-negative take was very specific to my scenario where 3-4 people limped after me. If I have only 1-2 opponents (either due to less limpers or because I raised PF and they called), I am definitely going to be value/continuation betting my now-second pair on the flop and then re-assessing from there.

    Phil asked about American’s Card Room. They are still up and running (it used to be Doyle’s Room). You’re probably thinking of Lock Poker, which shut down in April.

    Good show!

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