Episode 177 of the CPL Poker Podcast

Episode 177

Released 03-22-2015


–Listener Reach Out–Pocket Kings

–Hand of the Week

–MN Music featuring Kids Like Us with “Vertigo”

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Bumper music by Stew, Glen Fry, Avian, B52’s, and IKKI

One thought on “Episode 177 of the CPL Poker Podcast

  1. OK, MY KK Story. I like KK for the most part, my first time playing at the Venetion Card Room, a little 1-2 no limit game, I sat down to KK and won a large pot before I even got my chips. The chip runner was a little confused when she got back to the table to see me with chips, but I just told her that i just won them and would still like the chips I paid for.

    I did have a little blip with KK the other day when I was at the 3-6 kill game at Running Aces, I got KK on the button with a kill pot and though I was good, but folded after the flop to a bunch of crazy bets. I would have lost to a crappy two pair, but I am never married to the KK and fold them when I feel fit.

    I do like to make a raise in limit when a A hits the board, just to see were i am.


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