Episode 171 of the CPL Poker Podcast–Best of Music 2014!

Episode 171–Best of Music 2014

Released 12-25-2014


–7th Annual Top 10 countdown of the MN music songs played on the CPL Poker Podcast during 2014!

–Big THANK YOU to this years judges:

Pam Muldoon (nextstagemediagroup.com)

Mike Behr (mikebehrphotography.com)

Mark Wittig (sundancegolfmn.com)

Malinda Cardenas

–This years eligible MN artists are:

Alison Scott

Andy Lindquist


Courtney Yasmineh


Justyn Dow

Last Triumph

My My Misfire

Perry Project


Step Rockets

The Juzzy Blazz Shake Up

Throw The Fight

Venus On Fire


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Bumper music by Stew, Grayshot, Vaudeville

2 thoughts on “Episode 171 of the CPL Poker Podcast–Best of Music 2014!

  1. Hey guys, I mostly took 2014 off from poker (even podcasts!), but I’m back now. I just spent the last week catching up; I plowed through episodes 165-171 = good stuff.

    I loved the blitzkrieg reference in 166. Classic! Also glad to see that Avian still makes the bumper music rotation 🙂

    Since you guys like putting in thematically appropriate 1980s tunes, consider Passion Rules The Game by the Scorpions (1988). Great gambling lyrics in that song!

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