Poker Players to Watch in the GPI 300

Poker tournaments attract tens of thousands of players from across the
globe. These matches will see clashes of strategies, skill levels and on
occasion, personalities. The end result will be a constantly changing group of
players that are considered to be the top poker personalities in the world. Due
to the flexible nature of the game, it should be apparent that a player who may
be on top one week will not necessarily enjoy the same position in the near
future. Thankfully, the 
Global PokerIndex follows the top three hundred players and allows those who play poker online in the USA and around the world
to follow their latest moves. So, let us take a brief look at a handful of
these unique personalities

Paul Volp

Up until recently, many predicted that Paul Volpe would reign the Global
Poker Index for some time to come. Indeed, many online poker aficionados were
quite impressed by his nineteen week run at the top of the charts. However,
late August proved to usher in a rather unsettling turn of events as he was
temporarily ousted by Steven Silverman. Still, most feel that this was a
short-lived displacement, as the competition against Silverman was rather
sparse and Volpe is now ranked back at number one. Nonetheless, Silverman
racked up an impressive $2.2 million dollars due to this win. Many online
players can only dream of such wishes, but sites like can help simulate but a small taste of the excitement Silverman must
have felt. The said website is a great venue for poker players, and even those
who are still starting to learn how to play poker, to test their skills with
others over the web and at the same time get a chance to win some money.

Griffin Benger

It seems that Mr. Benger has been an avid student of online poker
playing guides due to his recent performances. Although he is currently ranked
in ninth place, some feel that Griffin is a rising star and even a bit of a
dark horse that may prove to be a formidable foe. His monumental jump into the
top ten after winning the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open places his bankroll at
just over $850,000 dollars. It will be interesting to see his impact on the
WSOP if there is indeed any. As far as staying power goes, the stiff
competition that he now faces will truly test this Canadian’s skill.

Jason Mercier

This young Floridian burst on the scene in 2008 and has since garnered
over eight million dollars in profits. One of the biggest advantages that may
help keep Mr. Mercier amongst the top players is the fact that he has gained
experiencein the World Series of Poker as well as in a multitude of games across the globe. Having faced an
eclectic mix of players, he has undoubtedly proved his staying power when
surrounded by fellow experts. In November of this year, it will be interesting
to see how he will emerge during the 2013 World Series. For those watching from
the comfort of their living rooms, 
this eventwill now be seen on Tuesdays on ESPN.

Marvin Rettenmaier

Boasting two World Poker Tour wins and nearly five million dollars in
his bankroll, Rettenmaier has recently climbed in the rankings for the GPI 2013
player of the year. Dubbed “Mad Marvin”, he exhibits a great deal of
skill on the World Poker Tour. Still, it is predicted that he will need to
bring his game up another notch during the European Poker Tour if he has any
hopes of catching up to Paul Volpe on the leader board. For those who play
poker online, he is a great player to watch, as he tends to remain cool under
pressure and is known as a conservative yet opportunistic player. While
watching this player and others during the 2013 main event is certainly
promising, fans can catch 
numerous additional podcasts of more local events in anticipation of the World Series.

These players represent the
“cream of the crop” when it comes to world class poker. While most of
us will never get the chance to experience some of the unforgettable casinos
that these players frequent, trusted sites such as Bodog poker and others can
give us a hint of the excitement that all of these experts must feel.