The End of an Era – Erick’s Closing

By Karaoke Phil

Erick’s Bar has been a fixture on East Seventh in St. Paul for as long as I remember. It also became my regular bar poker haunt in December 2008 when I began to play bar leagues again following a couple year hiatus.  The was strictly a Free Poker Network (FPN) site on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but added the Straight Flush Poker Tour (SFPT) last year on Sundays. I play them all with Tuesdays being the most frequent.  There is a wealth of development happening in the area and, apparently, St. Paul’s Port Authority made a cash offer that the owner just could not pass up – Erick’s last day is slated for Sunday September 29.
It was (is) certainly a poker playing bar – 3 days a weeks averaging a little more than 40 players on a given day.  I believe, on balance, that Erick’s may be the best bar poker bar in the country – at least within the FPN.  I still maintain that the statistics the FPN keeps is the gold standard.  And, from those stats I have long wanted to “calculate” the best bar in the country in their circuit. I just never got around to coming up with the formula to use and then doing it.  But, at first blush Erick’s has the following “active” (played within the last 6 months) ranked players (in average points/tournament):
25 – 49 tourneys played – two of the top 50 active players out of more than 5600 people,
50 – 99 tourneys played – a top 50 player out of nearly 4000,
100 – 199 tourneys – four of the top 50 (and two of the top 10) out of 2400, and, 
200+ tourneys – five of the top 30 (and six of the top 50) out of 1400 players including yours truly at #1 in the country
I like to think that over the years I’ve contributed to improving the overall play of the patrons.  I know it is the case in a couple of instances as those players have indicated as much.  I’ve played more than 250 times at Erick’s in the last 56 months.  I’ll be playing another 5 or 6 times in the next month.  And, then… more Erick’s.   I’ll miss it.