The One to Rule them All…

Your CPL Poker Podcast is now, again, the ONLY poker podcast in the Upper Midwest as Under the Gun with Chris “Fox” Wallace and Adam Stemple has folded.

Under the Gun ran 85 episodes beginning in the summer of 2011.  It typically saw the hosts discussing their exploits since the last episode with an interview often thrown in.  It also, from our viewpoint, came with a lot of acerbic language from the hosts both in terms of their general banter but also in their viewpoint of fellow poker players.

CPL Poker Podcast has produced 152 episodes to date and is approaching 6 years of activity.

For the record, we consider KFAN’s weekly show to be a recorded radio show (which is not a podcast) and the MI Poker Monster – is in MI, the Industrial Midwest (not the Upper Midwest).