Team Battles: Team CPL Poker Podcast, part II

Part II of Team CPL Poker Podcast Team Battle being played @runaces Running Aces.  Part I can be read here

The rest of Team CPL Poker Podcast includes:
CPL Poker Podcast Historian Mark Wittig.  In the last year, Mark has won tournaments at Canterbury Park, been an APL Bar poker local champion and National Qualifier.  He would also fit right into the golf pro game in “Rounders”. 
Bill “Comeback Kid” Lanoux.  The Comeback Kid was a regular in the CPL home game.  He was also a state champion out of the now defunct Chippy Poker League and won his way into Event #2 of the WSOP in 2008. 
And, Chris Belflower – owner of the Straight Flush Poker Tour , member of the Poker Joker Team (and playing for them on the 25th), but with CPL Poker Podcast for the 18th.  Chris has been on a mini tear at Running Aces recently.
Team CPL Poker Podcast brings in a perfect blend of styles and abilities to a format that is unique, but likely best suited for players familiar with bar poker.  Additionally, the team largely flies under the radar of their opponents which will further assist in their advancement.  We’re looking for a deep run on the 18th!!