A Year at the Top

By Karaoke Phil

On June 9, 2012 I reached the 200+ tournaments played category within the Free Poker Network (FPN) bar poker league.  I entered the category at number 1 in Average Points with 93.3 and 9th in the FPN “Power Score” formula.
It’s a year later and I’ve stayed at the top, in Average Points, and moved up to 5th in Power Score all while an additional 314 players have achieved the 200+ tournament threshold.  There are now 1349 players across the country in this top category. 
It has actually been a very productive year for me within the FPN.  In that time I became a two-time National Championship Qualifier (or, MN State Champion as some of us call it) – a goal that had eluded me in the previous 7 state tournaments I had played in.  While only playing 40 times (from June 9, 2012 through June 9, 2013) I was still able to move my Average Points from 93.3 to 97.85 pts per tournament.  
I’ve held about level in percentage of time pointing (top 30% of the night) at 56.25% and percentage at final table (42.08%) over the past year.  Though my win percentage has dropped from winning every 6.7% to winning 6.2% of the time. 
My career points now have me in the top 320 all-time of more then 86500 players that have ever taken part in the FPN.  A year ago or so I was worried that my main challenger would be Matt Wolf.  He’s still in the background – now at 3rd in Avg. Pts.  The closer opponent now is Joey Schaffer from Delaware – he has 209 or so matches under his belt and has been playing quite well. I have a good 5 pt/tournament lead on him but he seems to be moving up.  There’s the potential for others to pass me from the 100-199 tournaments played category but they are all 45 or more matches away from reaching the 200 tournament category. 
I’ll keep plugging away and try to stay at the top.