Classic RePost: “Definitive Cooler Definition”

First posted: May 29, 2008

We discussed “coolers” on the podcast and came up (at least from Karaoke Phil’s perspective) the ultimate definition of what constitutes a “cooler” in poker….

Cooler – When a player who has an exceptionally strong hand loses a showdown after the following occurs:

1) The hand must progress to at least the turn before any all-ins (i.e. – no preflop or flop all-in is ever a cooler no matter who is pushing in the chips). 

2) The person getting coolered must be actively working in order to get information on the hand and his/her opponent. This will mean that betting and/or raising/calling is occurring. Generally, there should be betting happening on most streets though it is possible for a round or two of check/check (though this would be rare and depending on the hands in play and when checked, the hand could move from “cooler” category to “badly played”).

3) The person getting coolered must be behind, but fully (and pretty legitimately) believe he/she is ahead after 4th street even though that’s not the case (i.e. – a river card that beats you is just a bad beat).