NFL Draft Day – Karaoke Phil projected as late round choice

Draft Day has arrived for the NFL and our own Karaoke Phil is being projected as a potential 6th or 7th round selection as a pass receiving TE.  NFL scouts are high on his “soft hands”, “proper positioning” and, as one scout who wished to remain anonymous stated, “[he] seems to live as if he’s always ready to catch the ball.”  Teams were turned on to Karaoke after viewing this video.  You first see a glimpse of Phil’s natural catching talent at the :48 second mark.  But, throughout the video you see his air practicing of juggling catches, receiving passes and “calling” for the ball.

With no formal collegiate play, however, Karaoke is being viewed as a potential “project” player and late round choice.  Still, it is being reported that the Los Angeles Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Colts and Houston Oilers have expressed great interest.