MSPT Update – Carlton, Lovelace and a third bullet

The Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) has moved on to Day 2 at their Grand Casino-Mille Lacs stop.  Sixty players have advanced to Day 2 including friends of the CPL, Mike Lovelace and Everett Carlton.  Lovelace runs the River Rat Poker League – an “insane home game” with prizes to MSPT events.  They placed 21 players into either Main Event flights or $250 satellites for this event.  He’ll have a long road ahead of him as he starts Day 2 with 12.5 big blinds and sitting 52nd in chip count.

Everett Carlton moves ahead with the 5th most chips at 99,900.  Carlton hold the MSPT records for Most Cashes (7) and Final Tables (5).  He is also 10th in career MSPT earnings.  He’s put himself in great position to add to his standings with the final 18 making payouts.  We’ll be watching the progress of our favorite players.
Moving into this MSPT stop, tour officials announced that they were modifying the re-buy rules for the tour.  Previous to the Grand Casino stop players could enter into each Day 1 flight but could not re-enter into a flight if they busted out.  So, if you entered Day 1A and busted out you had to wait to play the next day in Day 1B – giving you two possible chances to advance to Day 2.  Beginning with this event they have implemented what they call the “BB Rule” – if you play in Day 1A AND again in Day 1B you may re-enter during Day 1B if you bust out. You must bust out during the first 4 levels of play AND you must have a receipt to prove you also played Day 1A.  The move is seen as a nice compromise between adding to the overall prize pool while not providing too many opportunities for wealthy players to try and “buy” a way into Day 2.
UPDATE: 4:55 pm – We neglected to notice that another friend of the CPL – Erick Wright also advanced to Day 2.  Not only that – Erick has just joined Everett Carlton at the final table!!  Go get ’em boys!!
FINAL UPDATE:  Everett Carlton busted out in 7th place cashing for just over $6500.  Erick Wright went heads up against Matt Kirby for the title but fell short.  His second place finish earned him more than $26K.