Breaking News! Running Aces Announces New Year’s Super Free Roll

Running Aces Harness Card Room will be holding a “super structure” free roll this New Year’s. The Free Roll will be broken up into two Day 1s and conclude on Day 2.  They are adding $10K to the prize pool and guaranteeing a minimum $5K payout for first place.  All with 30 minute blind levels. 

In one way the starting chip stacks are standard.  You get 2K in chips for the free roll with unlimited add-ons for 5K more chips.  Some twists though – the add-ons are until first break and they are offering a bonus to cash game players – play 15 hours in December and you start with 25K in chips.  Every hour over those 15 hours adds another 5K to your stack – capping out at 100K.  All cash qualified players are required to play Day 1A – Dec. 29th at 10am which is open to all players (cash qualified or not).  
Finally, bust outs from Day 1A can play in Day 1B at 4:30 or 5 pm (that’s still being finalized). Day 2 is scheduled for a 10 am start on Dec. 31.   
This will be a very deep stacked tourney overall with some huge stacks going into Day 2 – it should be a great event and something everyone should strive to get into.