Karaoke Phil offering staking action

By Karaoke Phil

Okay, with my 2nd MN State Championship I’ve earned a trip to Vegas.   But, I’d really like to help offset some expenses – so, what better way than adding to our staking series.  I’m selling up to 60% of my action at 1% for $10 each or, the bargain rate of 5% for $40.
Here’s what I offer:
1)  First, I figured out how to mobile post to Facebook.  I was terrible with timely updates on the last staking I offered.  If you follow me on FB you’ve seen updates from a couple of recent tourneys, and that will continue!
2) FPN National Championship and all resultant tournaments.  The reason for the trip is Nationals – The Golden Ticket Promotion, being held on 12/10.   The main prize for this promotion is a 1-year “Poker Pro Contract” valued at $10,000.   FPN is sparse with the exact details, but it should run similar to the FPN Poker Pro Contract promo from last year.  The winner will get buy-ins to at least 5 tourneys (estimated $8K of buy-ins) with a couple grand to cover travel expenses.  FPN is also supposed to offer several secondary prizes to a number of the runner-ups.  You will receive your  purchased percentage in all tournaments related to the Nationals.  If I win the main prize – you’ll have a piece of me through all of the following tourneys I enter from this.  If I’m a runner up – you’ll have a piece of that prize.
3) Should I fail to win any prizes from Nationals I will play a tournament in Vegas on Tuesday, 12/11.  Right now I’m looking at a $120 HORSE tournament that evening at the MGM Grand.  If that’s not available it will be something in the $100 range. 
4) I plan some prep tournaments that I’m willing to offer starting with…. A $125 Satellite qualifier to Running Aces’ “Big Turkey” Thanksgiving Tournament.  As with Nationals – you’ll have your piece of the action in the Big Turkey following my qualification.  I’m looking to play the noon qualifier on 11/23.  The Day 1 of the main tournament is on 11/24.
5)  I will play a $70 tourney at Running Aces.  If I fail to advance to the Big Turkey I’ll play the 9:30 am tourney on 11/24.  Should I qualify for the Big Turkey, I’ll select and play another $70 tournament on/or before 12/23.
6) Finally, I play in a monthly home game league – our Tournament of Champions is being held on 12/08.  This will be a 24 player tournament.  There are two months left in the season (Nov and Dec).  I am currently ranked 6th in points (of 9 that qualify that way) for the year and fully expect to play in the tourney – this would be a tourney equivalent to a $35 or so buy-in.   Should I somehow not qualify for the TOC I will add in another $70 tourney as a replacement.
In synopsis, you’re buying into 2 or 3 tournaments directly with a $200-$240 total value and into 2 or 3 satellite/qualifier tournaments (the FPN Championships and Big Turkey) with possible buy-ins for up to 6 other tournaments valued up to $8700. 
Email us with any question you may have or with your percentage request!!