Nine is fine – State Championship time for Karaoke

By Karaoke Phil

Saturday brings another Free Poker Network (FPN) MN State Championship.  I’ll be at Running Aces Harness Park for this one.  This will be my 9th.  I have made state in every promotion I’ve played with the FPN finishing 19th in my 7th State Championship held last year and qualifying for Nationals in Las Vegas with a 15th place finish in the last one.  Will nine be just as fine?  I have mixed feelings and was not looking forward to it, but now feel my bio-rhythms moving up. 
I qualified for this state tournament by winning total points for Erick’s Bar in Spring season (April thru June).  My cold streak began in summer season (July to September).  I missed time in July playing in the National Championship – which did not go well – busting out in the bottom 10% of the field.  Then I took September off to take part on the company kick ball team.  I did qualify for Summer Regionals, but only in one month which gave me but a single stack.  Still, I had a shot to earn a double stack for the state championships.  But, regions were horrendous.  I went out in level 1.  I’ll have a single stack of 10K in chips to do battle at Running Aces. 
I’ve been running more cold than hot including stinking up the joint in the Ultimate Overlay and Fall Poker Classics at Canterbury Park.  So, confidence has not been at my highest. 
However, the Tournament of Champions at Erick’s yesterday has me on an upswing.  Thirty four people qualified to play but only 23 showed up.  It was winner take all and a great shot to win a seat at Nationals.  I finished in 4th which was terribly frustrating, but I feel like I played well and had the mojo return.  I’m hoping it continues at state tomorrow.  More later – whether it’s good or bad – here’s hoping for good.