Podcast Awards-2012. Nominate Us!!!!

It’s time for the Annual Podcast Awards over at podcastawards.com.

We’re very excited about this year – what with coverage in Ante Up and working with the Straight Flush Poker Tour, we know this is the year we bust into the top 10.  But, we need you to do some nominating!!

Here’s the scoop – we are looking for nominations in two categories:  Best Produced and General.

Nominations open on October 1 and close at 11:59 pm (Eastern) on Oct 15 at PodcastAwards.com.  If you’d click the icon on the upper right side of the page – that would be super cool – they’re giving some prizes for the most clicks through the banner ad!  Some rules to follow:

  • You can only vote 1 (One) time. And, once you hit submit on your ballot – that’s it.  So, take a look at their site and the categories, gather your info and then submit your ballot.
  • Only nominate us (or any show) in a single category – we are shooting for General .  The exception to that is that Best Produced and People’s Choice are open categories.  We’re looking at Best Produced there.  Confused?  Just remember General and Best Produced for your CPL Poker Podcast!
  • The nomination form will contain the following:
    • Podcast name you are nominating – that’s CPL Poker Podcast, obviously
    • Podcast URL – http://cplpokerpodcast.com
    • Your Name
    • Your Verifiable E-mail Address- they won’t be spamming you, but they will be spot checking nominations, emailing those folks and having you “verify” your nomination.
    • Comments are critical so the reviewing team understands why a show is deserving of being nominated to the category.  Please note this and write a few words as to why you are nominating us – something other than “They asked me to nominate them, so here it is.”

    Thank you for listening, reading and nominating!!  It’s a pleasure for us to do the show and write the blog.


Mark and Phil