Random Thoughts – Kicking it Back Off

By Karaoke Phil

Okay, we haven’t posted in a while, but things often pass through my noggin’.  I just don’t find the time to log in and write.  So, to kick off the blog after a month of near inactivity I bring to you my random thoughts from August.  These were things I nearly wrote about it – I’ll just give them a quick once over here.
  • BMX is an Olympic Sport??  You kidding me?  Apparently that racing you did as a kid became a bona-fide Olympic medal sport at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  I’m not sure I watched any of the 2008 Olympics, but caught a few minutes of this “Olympic” event this year.  Really?  Rhythmic gymnastics was bad enough, but BMX??  I can’t wait for Floorball to an Olympic event.  That’s sarcasm.  Never heard of floorball? Yeah, it’s another game you played as a kid (at least I did) in your friend’s basement – it’s basically floor hockey with…..yup – a whiffle ball.  It looks like it will be added to the 2020 games.  We love poker, but some things just shouldn’t be Olympic Medal Events.
  • Missouri Chip not gaining traction.  We developed the Missouri Chip in our home game back in, I think, 2008. The Missouri Chip gives players a chip to use, once per match, to force an opponent to show his/her cards at the end of a hand.  It’s an innovative way to add an educational component to the game and help players learn about bluffing and styles.  We hoped it would explode like striking an open flame inside a dusty grain silo (look it up).  But, a recent Google search but it behind that state’s Child Health program (understandable), but also behind such things as a potato chip company in the state and some guy named Chip who lives there (not understandable).
  • Regulated online poker looks to be closer and viable. At the state level, Deleware has authorized the possibility of online poker in its online gambling bill.   New Jersey doesn’t seem to be far behind.  Nevada has already authorized regulated online poker and begun to issue licenses.  The first card rooms could be live by Thanksgiving.  A host of other states are having significant discussions.  This seems to have led to federal action with Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl seemingly opening cross-party talks to propose federal regulation.  Additional positive developments include the DOJ indicated that the wire act does not include online poker, PokerStars’ purchase of FullTilt and the Dicristina decision in the Federal Eastern District of New York that poker is a game of skill and, therefore, does not fall under the Federal Illegal Business Gambling Act. 
  • I’m looking forward to the upcoming Midwest Poker Classic at Running Aces and the Fall Poker Classic at Canterbury Park – not to mention Canterbury’s Ultimate Overlay Tournament.  I also found out I qualified for Straight Flush Poker Tour’s Fall Regional Finals.  They’re giving away 2 Main Event Seats to the Midwest Poker Classic – it would be nice to snag one of those. 
  • The River Rat Poker League kicks off their fall season this month.  If it wasn’t so far away I’d be there about every month.  Still, I’m hoping to make it up there a time or two.
  • Vegaspokerradio.com will be trying to break the world record for longest continuous podcast with the same hosts this weekend.  They are doing it for charity – to help the 22Q2.11 Deletion Syndrome awareness cause.  The 22Q syndrome affects about 1 in 2000 children causing a variety of health consequences including cardiac issues, hearing loss, and gastrointestinal and blood disorders.  The podcast begins at 11 pm Central on Sunday.  They have an extensive list of poker guests lined up. 
  • The nominations for the 8th Annual Podcast Awards opens on October 1.  We’ll be trying to convince you to nominate us – we hope you do.  More on that later.
Okay, that’ll do it for now.  We’ll get back to regular posting this month. And, look for a new podcast coming up – probably posted Tuesday!