Las Vegas – Final Days

I titled this “Final Days”, but maybe “End of Days” would be more apropos.  Thursday saw me trying to recover my game at The Orleans,
playing on OH8 tourney and then their $4/$8 with a half kill OH8 cash game.

Neither went well – I busted out in 60th of 80
players in the tournament and couldn’t get anything going in OH8.  I lost two buy-ins there and called it
a night.

Friday was my last chance for poker.  I joined a $1/$2 No-limit cash game
prior to the 7 p.m. $100 Second Chance daily poker tournament at Binion’s.  The $100 didn’t last more than 20
minutes.  I split one pot and saw
two other hands, but was down to about $88 when I smooth called with 7s in the
hijack seat.  The button raised it
to $7.  Two others and I called.  The flop came down 3/6/6.  It was checked around to me.  I decided to let the button C-bet and
then check raise.  He followed
along according to plan and bet out $20. 
All the others folded. I thought a second to decide if I should raise to
$45 or $50 but concluded that I could only have $35 or so behind if i did that
so I may as well just shove and try to take down the $48 in the pot.   He quickly called with A/6
suited.  I was felted and went to
the room for an hour before the Binion’s tourney started. 

The Binion’s “Second Chance” was a deep stack tournament
beginning with 15K in chips. I didn’t get much going on for the first 3 levels
– ending that level with 13800 in chips (but up from a low of about
11500).  The tourney saw 51 players
sign up and there were 48 left at this point. 

By the end of level 4 I was up to 16.9K in chips after not
putting a guy on pocket Js and hanging tough in the hand during a board run of
K/K/T/8/A – pairing my A/Q on the river. 

I moved further up the chip counts in level 5, rising to as
high as 27.2Kwhen my Jh7h from the BB saw a flop come down 9/T/4 with two
hearts.  I called a bet with the
flush and gut-shot draws.  The turn
brought a non-heart 8 giving me the 2nd nut high.  By now I was heads up I felt my
opponent was on a flush draw himself or had a pair.  The river was a non-heart Q.  I only needed to worry about a K/J and I wasn’t worried
about that.  The villain checked
into me and I bet 3500 into a pot of about 10K – he called and mucked his hand
upon seeing my straight.  I dropped  a hand at the end of the level and
moved on to level 6 with 22.2K in chips. The tourney was down to 35 players

The loss at the end of level 5 was a harbinger of what level
6 would quickly reveal.  On the
first or second hand of level 6, the Charles Manson look-a-like at the table
raised it up.  This guy had been
had been playing like a maniac raising 6 BB or more preflop and showing pockets
9s thru pocket As when he did so. 
This time blinds were 300/600 and he bumped it up to 3600.  I look down at pocket Js.  He’s shown 9s, Ks twice and As twice of
the hands he’s shown.  I think
there’s a good chance he has Qs or higher, but it could be Ts or 9s.  And, I’m not sure how far down he’s
willing to go to pop it up.  Are
8s, 7s, 6s or even lower a possibility? 
With this guy I think so. 
Could he do it with A/K or A/Q? 
Maybe even A/J?  Maybe.  I 3 bet him to 7500 and he only smooth
calls.  That takes away Ks and As
for sure – he would’ve just shoved on me. 
The flop comes 4/2/6.  He’s
first to act and shoves all-in. 
Ouch.  I’ve ruled out Ks and
As, does he have Qs or a flopped set? 
I go into the tank.  I
decide it’s more likely he has 7s to Ts than anything else.  I decide I’m ahead and decide to risk
my tournament life here.  I call.

Manson turns over A/K. 
I’m way ahead. The turn is a T and, you probably didn’t quite guess it,
but close enough.  A King hits on
the river to eliminate me in 35th.

That was it.  I
was out of time and, apparently, out of luck.  I decide I was done playing poker for the trip.  I did drop another $100 playing live
Roulette.  It lasted 3 hours or so
and I had a great time playing it. 
It was a nice release/diversion from my poker woes.

Final poker tally? 
A pretty good start at Caesar’s with the 38th place finish
out of 417 players.  Then a middle
of the pack HORSE tourney finish, a total implosion in the FPN National
Championship, an OH8 cash game loss at a $10/$20 game at the Rio, followed by a
fairly early exit in OH8 tourney, two buy-ins lost in the Orleans cash game
after the tourney and my Binion’s usual – being up 75% or more to win a hand
and then losing it.