Las Vegas – Day 4 and 5

Short post to try and catch up.

Day 4 saw me at the Binion’s Poker Classic for their HORSE tournament – a $210 buy-in with the add-on.

I chipped up a little the first two levels.  Then I stagnated from levels 3 to 7.  Ending level 7 with 17.7K in chips – down from the starting stack of 20K.   We lost our first player during level 6 and 3 more during level 7 – leaving us with 52 of the starting 56 players remaining.

I chipped up nicely in level 8, due to OH8, completing the level with 34.4K.  Stud8 in level 9 chipped me up to 37.1K and we were down to 37 players left with the top 6 getting paid out.

Level 10 saw my demise.  I raised Qs preflop in limit.  The flop came out Q/J/x with two hearts.  Morec hips went in on the flop and turn and then “BAM”, the third heart popped on the river and now the villain led out.  I knew it was the flush, it was, and I was down to 16.1K chips with blinds at 2k/4K.  During OH8 I got the last of my chips in with a nut flush draw and a gut shot for a straight.  It didn’t come and I was out middle of the pack in 31st place.

Day 5 (Wednesday) was FPN “Vegas or Bust” National Championship.  Short story, short.  It went busto.   Only 99 of the 123 qualifiers arrived at MGM to play. With the top 11 winning some sort of seat the odds were very good.   It was a no-limit tourney and we lost our first player during level 1.  I tried to play position and was able to “steal” two hands ending the level up 900 chips from starting stack with 10900.

However, trouble started during level 2.  The lady to my right raised to 400 (blinds at 50/100).  I smooth called with Qs for four reasons.  I had position on her, wanted to semi disguise my hand, thought the 3 players behind me to act would fold AND I wanted to see how she would react to the flop (and what the flop would be).  But, the SB three-bet to 1500.  The lady folded.  I thought for a second.  Should I fold?  No, that’s way too weak with Qs.  Should I raise?  I could shove here – but, I’ll be sick if he has Ks or As and I lose in level 2.  The lady folded, did she have A/J?  Is there one less A and, therefore, less likely that this guy has Aces?  But, why three bet out of position?  I decided to smooth call for the same reasons with the lady – let’s see a flop and go from there.

The flop came out T/2/4 and the villain led out for 5K of his remaining 8.1K in chips.  I believed he was pot committed.  All the chips were going to be in the middle of the pot whether I raise or call.  So, I folded and dropped to 6900 in chips.  I figured my best case scenario was my pair vs. A/K, maybe Js, but just as likely Ks, Qs or a flopped set of Ts – I didn’t think he’d raise up 2s or 4s preflop.  More on what he had later (and the lady too).

I ended the second level with 6775 chips and 97 players left.

Level 3 ended with 95 players left and me with 3800 in chips.  I flopped trip 8s (with A/8) on a flop of 8/8/9.  I called a flop bet.  The turn came out 7 .  I called that bet and did the same on a river 2 only to see the villain had flopped an open-ended straight with J/T and hit it on the turn.  You need a little luck in tourneys and I didn’t river the full house (or quads) that I would’ve needed.

My end came with 3 minutes left in level 4.  I had been whittled down to 2K in chips when the UTG limped in for 300.  It was folded around to me on-th-button and I shoved with pocket 3s.   The blinds did fold, but UTG called with A/Q (Don Whitley who went on to finish in 6th).  The flop came out T high and I was safe from a flush, but the turn was a Q.  I was out in 93rd.

I went to the Rio to take a look and played some $10/20 OH8 – the highest level I’ve ever played.  I played 3 hrs and dropped $299.   Overall, I think I played well there but at then end lost with A/A/2/7 and A/A/3/4 – both double suited and with good flops, but the betting and raising and lack of hitting cost me. 

So, what about that level 2 hand with the Qs I had??  A couple hands later I asked the lady what she had (I tabled my Qs and told the guy I’d give him respect).  She said she had a pocket pair under my Qs and thought that the guy had either As or Ks as she had played with him at the ND State Championships.  After being knocked out I shook a couple hands and asked the guy what he had.  He said, “I had Ks. You made a good lay down.”    I guess I have that going for me.

Congrats to Janet Casey from DE for taking it all down.

Well, two more days left – let’s see what happens.