Las Vegas – Day 2

*Written last night – no internet connection until today*

Today was a largely non-gambling day.  I caught up with my old Army buddy –
Lance Yamashita – for a day on the water.   He hooked us up with a couple friends of his who know
a guy who has a totally bitchin’ “Eliminator” speed boat.  We whipped around Lake Mead at 75 to 80
mph.   Six hours spent on the
lake – another 4 with the prep, waiting, calling and getting there and
back.  It was a really fun day and
I meet a bunch of super cool people!! 
Early on, I made a key decision that I was going to keep my shirt on –
sunscreen or no. 

We had sunscreen, which I used.  But, the decision to keep the shirt paid off – maybe the
best bet that I’ll have for the week. 
It’s early and I’ll largely be okay (due to that shirt thing), but I
think my forearms and face will be stinging tomorrow (and likely my scalp too –
maybe I shouldn’t have gotten that haircut two days ago).   The legs look like they survived
mostly unscathed – the kneecaps may be sore and an additional small spot or
two, but otherwise okay.

I’ll do some walking around Fremont Street tonight and
likely play a little blackjack or something, but today and the rest of the
evening will be for getting centered for the rest of the week. 

There’s a big difference between a hard core pro coming out
to Las Vegas and an amateur like myself. 
Chris “Fox” Wallace – another poker blogger from MN wrote a post a
couple weeks back just prior to coming out here.  In it, he noted that he would be playing 80K in tournaments and “hours of cash games”.  I’m coming out with about $800 for a variety of tourney entries and, while I may play hours of cash games I have a feeling my $4/8 to $6/12 will be a lot less than his level. 

More later.