Karaoke enters charts at #1 – with a bullet

By Karaoke Phil

I wrote a blog post back in December in which I noted that it would be “around July” for me to reach 200 career matches in the Free Poker Network (FPN) – one of the bar poker leagues I play in.  Over the last several months I played a few more Saturday afternoons than usual and reached that 200 tournament milestone on June 9.  
That puts me into the 200+ Tournaments Played Group on FPN’s statistics page – the final category that they have.  I enter in first place – in Average Points.  Number 1 with a bullet out of 1035 players to have played that many times.  I had thought that I might enter in second place – behind Matt Wolf.  But, strong finishes in 3 of the last 4 tournaments before reaching the magic number of 200, including two 2nd places, bumped me up to 93.3 avg pts/tournament. 
Back in December I thought that my “Power Score” would put in at 8th place – I’m actually in at 9th.  Since then I’ve actually marginally dropped in percentage of time pointing and percentage reaching the final table – down about 1% each.  However, my finishes are up a bit and my average points increased about 2.5 points per tournament. 
My strong finishes allowed me to rise back into the top 10 (at 9th) in average points in the 100 to 199 tourneys played as I left that grouping.  It was nice to move up the three spots and get back into the top 10 especially since the category grew by 160 players.  Of course, being in 9th means that there are some people in the category that’s now behind me who could play enough to get up to 200 tourneys.  The good news is that at least 4 of those 8 players are inactive, having not played a match in more than a year.  Of the active players – the closest is still 35 tournaments away.  That’s far enough back to allow me to keep playing well and raising my average while also seeing if my opponents can maintain their averages.  And, it’s far enough back to allow me to tout “First in the nation” for a while!!