Karaoke running hot

We wrote last Wednesday about Karaoke’s fourth place finish in the Wacky Wednesday OH8 Spread Limit tournament at Running Aces.

Saturday found Karaoke back at bar poker where he chopped up the action heads up – taking 2nd place points and the 1st place cash.
Monday, Phil was back at Running Aces. He was looking to get in some additional practice prior to heading to Las Vegas at the end of the month.  He was originally planning to play in the Noon $50 NLHE tournament, but like any good poker player – he couldn’t get up and get moving in time to make it.  So, he sat down to some $4/$8 OH8 half kill cash play.  He brought in a tidy $38/hr avg for the day and scored a T-shirt for hitting a Royal Flush.
On Tuesday, Phil was able (barely) to get moving and back to Running Aces in time for the 2:30pm NLHE tournament – though he did miss the first hand.   In all, 50 entrants put down the $50 entry fee.   Starting with a 5K chip stack – the worst hand Karaoke saw in his 6 hands was Q/T suited.  He quickly dropped to 3500 chips.   Things began to gel in level three when his short stacked all-in with Presto (pocket 5s) held on against K/Q.  By the end of Level 5 he was at 9.5K in chips with 23 players left.
Level 7 saw a huge uptick with Karaoke eliminating 2 players.  In the first hand, it was folded to the button who put in a standard bet.  Karaoke looked down at A/J in the SB, felt the button may be trying to steal and was not particularly deep stacked – so he shoved on all-in.  The BB folded and the button called for less with…….pocket Ts.  Karaoke hit his Ace and chipped up to 25.1K.  A circuit later around the table and Karaoke lead into the pot from the button with A/5 for a bet of 2500.  The SB released his hand and the BB moved all in for 6700.  Phil called and was up against Q/T.  He hit trip Aces and moved up to more than 30K in chips.
The next two levels were largely uneventful other than reaching the Final Table during Level 8 and finishing Level 9 with 28.7K in chips with 8 players remaining. 
Level 10 saw the elimination of the 7th place player – there would be a bubble boy as payouts went to only the top 5, but each of the remaining 6 players agreed to pony up $5 each so that whoever busted in 6th place would get half of his buy-in back.  That player would not be Karaoke.  Phil survived to Level 12 when the SB raised first in with A/K.  Phil misread the raise – again believing it was a blind steal – and didn’t get the fold he was hoping for, but he was correct on having live cards with J/9 suited.  He failed to connect and busted in 4th place for $153 at 6:15 pm.
By 7:30pm he was at Erick’s Bar for his Tuesday night bar league game against 44 runners.  During the night he hit another Royal Flush and worked his way to a heads up match which he lost.  Still, a great couple of days of poker with some great results.