CPL’s Karaoke Phil final tables OH8 spread tourney, avoids bubble

It was “Wacky Wednesday” at Running Aces last night.  And, as the last Wednesday of the month that means it was Omaha H/L Spread Limit tourney night with a $70 buy-in.   It is also where we found Karaoke Phil  – rocking his Showdown Poker Gear t-shirt and looking to intimidate the field. 

In all 66 players bought or re-entered the tourney.  Karaoke chipped up through the first 5 levels of play – but nothing note worthy.  He began his move during level 6 including scooping a very large pot on the last hand of the level with A/A/2/3.  That put him at 67.1K in chips and made him the tournament chip leader with 39 players left.
Karaoke held the tourney chip lead through levels 7 and 8 – where he hovered around 85K in chips.  By the end of level 9 he was down a bit to a 70K chip stack, but was still in the top tier with 16 players remaining.  The final table and payouts (top 7) were within sight.
With blinds rising quickly – and players betting the full three times the blinds that spread limit allows – all chip stack begin to feel short.  Karaoke made a semi-bluff during level 10 that paid off – raising his chip count to 103K.  In the big blind with A/2/8/T we see a middle position player limp.  The SB raised.  Karaoke 3-bet and he went heads up against the SB.  The flop come out 6/9/Q.  The SB checked, Karaoke max bet with the double belly buster straight draw but nothing else.  It would barely put the SB all-in.  The villain tanked for 45 seconds – then said, “All I can do is go runner-runner.  The sad thing is I have a better chance waiting to play the next hand.”  He then folded.  It was what Karaoke needed.
By the end of level 11 he had moved up slightly to 115K in chips, but the money bubble had broken.  The tourney was down to the final 7 – all in the money – and Karaoke was 3rd in chips. 
Level 12 was the highlight and low blow for Karaoke.  With blinds now at 5K/10K – and the ability to bet 30K at any given time – chips were flying when players decided to play a hand.  We don’t have the hands, but Karaoke moved up to a high of 238K in chips and held the chip lead when disaster struck.  It was another battle of the blinds with Karaoke in the BB again.  The SB was a shorter stack with about 90K in chips and they all got into the pot on a flop of Q/Q/2 with Phil holding A/4/T/Q.  The key though is that two diamonds fell on the flop – the SB held A/J of diamonds with a 2/6 going with it. The turn brought the SB his flush and Phil failed to hit a boat on the river. It should be noted that Phil should scoop that pot 68% of the time and at least chop about 3 of 4 times. Two other similar failed hands for Karaoke (opponents connecting while he doesn’t improve while ahead) during level 12 and 13 had Phil down to 12K in chips with 5 players left at the end of level 13.

The end came in 3 minutes in to Level 14 – with blinds at 10K/20K, but not until a couple hands after the next short stack busted out in 5th place.  Karaoke finishes in 4th (with top two pair – losing to a turned straight).  He avoids the bubble and takes home $296.