Friend of CPL – Erick Wright at MSPT Final Table

While Tom Stambaugh finished somewhere between 37th and 65th (we’re not sure exactly where in there), another friend of the CPL – Erick Wright has gone deep.   He’s at the final table and just got a huge flop to eliminate Chris Clasen in 10th place.  With pocket 4s in the BB, Clasen looked down at A/Q off in the highjack seat.  It looked like Clasen may have limped or min raised.  Erick called (as did one other player).  The flop came down 4/Q/Q.  All the money went into the pot with Erick’s flopped boat staying afloat against Clasen’s flopped top trips/top kicker.

Another player has gone out and we are down to 8 players.

We’re cheering on Erick, but regardless of his final result he’s had a great tourney.
UPDATE (02/20/12 – 8:30a) – Erick finished 2nd for a $43,328 payout.  He tried to pull off a bluff on a flop of rag/rag/9 with K/4 by shoving all-in.  However, tourney winner Rodger Johnson had raised preflop with pocket 9s.  That was it for Wright as Johnson snap-called.