CPL Historian and Karaoke Phil to do a “Bromance” at Running Aces

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  Yes, CPL Historian Mark Wittig and our own Karaoke Phil are married.  And, yes, the two will be spending the evening together and not with their wives.

The reason is Running Aces’ Partners tourney starting at 6 pm.    It a split game of NL Texas Hold ’em and Limit OH8.  Each partner plays their game and level with the other taken over for their game and level.  Wittig will be starting the action with NL Texas Hold ’em.  Karaoke will be playing the even levels of limit Omaha Hi/Low 8. 

It’s 10K in starting chips and 30 minute levels.  You’ll hear in Episode 121 that Karaoke has thrown down the gauntlet in challenge Under the Gun hosts Chris “Fox” Wallace and Adam Stemple who believe that this partners tourney was “made” for them.  It’ll be podcast v. podcast tomorrow night.  Look for updates here.