Oh, what coulda been

By Karaoke Phil

I was doing some vanity surfing and came across a site I don’t often go to – Poker Pro Labs.  It’s a poker ranking site that uses a rating of 2 thru Ace to show how good a player is in Scheduled Tourneys, Sit-n-go’s and Heads Up play.  They further break down the rankings by assigning 1 to 5 “stars” per card.   So, the worst possible ranking is a 2 with 1 star and the best is an Ace with 5 stars.

I have/had liked the site due to it’s breaking out those three categories (tourneys, SNGs and HU).
However, I didn’t go to the site on a regular basis as
Official Poker Rankings was my daily source.  I think the other reason
I rarely visited it was that pride factor – if memory serves I was ranked somewhere around a
middlin’ 9 to a middlin’ J for the three areas.  Sure, that’s top half (a
3-star 8 would be dead center), but I thought I should be higher.  So,
as to not hurt my pride I didn’t stop by very often.

Anyway, I made a visit  after seeing it pop up in my Google search results name and lo-and-behold:

I had vastly improved right before Black Friday to a 1-star Ace in Scheduled Tournaments, and 2-Star Kings in SNGs and HU play.  As it turns out, my game appears to have been improving as I thought it was.  Oh, what could’ve been had the whole DOJ Black Friday fiasco not have happened.