Big Bash III is in the Books – Strong Field Present

There were 39 entrants in this year’s Big Bash – the third installment of this annual invitational.

Our host, Gene Milne, finished runner-up in this strong field which included friend of the CPL Mike Behr finishing in 4th and CPL Historian Mark Wittig busting out in 5th.   Of course Mark and Phil were there as well with Mark busting out around 34th when he pushed on the turn having flush and full house outs (a total of 13).  It was his chance to double up and go big or bust and go home.  His opponent had turned a straight and made the snap call.  Mark failed to hit and was out.

The player of the tourney may well have been Lee Surma.  Surma finished 15th in last year’s MN Poker Mag Player of the Year race – just a couple spots below Everett Carlton.  He won the MSPT event in November for more than $46K, finished 19th in the TCPO (the event won by Erick Wright – listen to our interview with him in Episode 116), and took third in Big Bash III.  He followed all that up with a 4th place showing in yesterday’s “Great Minnesota Freeze Out” at Canterbury Park for another $10K plus. 

It is also Lee Surma that crippled our own Phil Fuehrer and then busted him out in 32nd.  In the BB with 3/6 suited Phil called the min raise from the UTG Surma sitting immediately on Phil’s left.  The flop came down T/3/6.  Phil led out and was called heads up against Surma.  The turn was an J.  Phil led out and was called.  The river brought a 8 – there were no flush possibilities.  Phil led out and was raised all in by Surma for 4K more.  By now the pot had about 13K in it and Phil needed to put in 4k of his remaining 6.4k if he wanted to call.  After going in the tank Phil made the call, believing (hoping?) Surma had a hand like A/J.  Surma actually had T/8 for a rivered better 2 pair.  On the button the very next hand, Phill pushed with 8/7 suited, after it had folded around to him, for his last 2.4K – a 4xBB all in.  Surma woke up with A/J in the SB and the big blind folded.  Surma flopped an A, Phil turned a 7 and a four flush, but a blank on the river sent Phil to the rail.

We here at the CPL have to wonder what Surma’s highlight of the last 60 days has been:  winning the MSPT and the Moeller bracelet, finishing third in the Big Bash, fourth in the Freeze Out or busting Karaoke Phil?