Treating Players Right

By Karaoke Phil

I’ve meant to post something like this for a while now.  It’s time to finally put it up. There are some great things that bars can do for their poker players.  And, Gary Erickson,owner of Erick’s Bar in St. Paul, does them.  He really treats his poker players right.
I’m talking about more than in-bar specials or a free round for the players during Christmas week – which he routinely does.  Gary goes an extra mile.  He regularly attends regional playoffs to cheer on his players.  He does the same when the State Championship is held locally at Running Aces Harness Park.  But, it’s more than simply being a booster for the qualifiers from Erick’s.  He has always laid out some dough and purchased a congratulatory round for his “stable” of players. 
I’ve always thanked him personally when he’s done this, of course.  I wanted to publicly say “thank you” to Gary Erickson for all you do for us!