FPN’s Twin Cities “Vegas or Bust” Regions, CPL does REALLY well!

Saturday saw “Regions” for season 1 take place in Free Poker Network’s – Vegas or Bust promotion.

With 156 qualifiers the top 16 would receive an advance to the state tournament.  However, no one from White Bear Bar showed up.  The FPN lost White Bear Bar to the Straight Flush Poker Tour sometime in early December (the final month of season 1 for this promotion).  Big Robb, running the regional tournament at the Blue Fox, was not sure if those players had simply thought they no longer qualified, decided to stay home to watch playoff football or thought they should be attending the Twin Cities North regional tournament next weekend.  As such, he guaranteed that the top 12 would be moving on, but spots 13 to 16 would be in limbo until a final decision could be made.
Attendees to FPN’s regions qualify with a single, double or triple stack depending on how well you do during that three month season.  Karaoke Phil went in with a double stack.  Playing fairly well throughout the day but short stacked he moved all-in when he saw tables being collapsed for the top 16.  He lost the hand and busted in the gray zone – in 16th.  He’ll need to wait to hear if he has already qualified for his 8th straight state tournament or if he’ll need season 2 to do it.
While Karaoke is “on the bubble” – friends of the CPL Wanda “The Steamroller” Bublitz and “Zero to $10000” bankroll builder Wyn Santo are most definitely “in”.  Wyn took out Wanda heads up as they finished first and second.