Nominations for Podcast Awards Open Sept 15 – Consider the CPL Poker Podcast

The 7th Annual Podcast Awards open their nomination period on Sept. 15th.  You’ll have until Sept. 30 to cast a nomination vote in a host of categories.  You can only post a single vote and we hope you will consider the CPL Poker Podcast for both the “Sports” and “Best Produced” categories!!

We think this is the year we’ve come into our own and feel great about asking you to throw some love our way with a nomination vote.   We hope you feel the same way!
Nominating will be fairly easy – they’ll have a submission form on their website with all of the categories.  You fill it in with your nominations.  Each podcast can only be nominated in a single area – except that a show can be nominated a second time in the Best Produced or People’s Choice category (we’re going for the Best Produced).  You can leave categories blank – so, say you just want to nominate the CPL Poker Podcast in the “Sports” and “Best Produced” categories you can do that and leave the other areas, like the Mature category, blank – but, nominate the shows you’d like to see getting some kudos. 
This is what you’ll need to nominate us (or anyone else):

  • Podcast name you are nominating (for us:  CPL Poker Podcast )
  • Podcast URL (
  • Your Name
  • Your Verifiable E-mail Address
  • Comments are critical so the reviewing team understand why a show is deserving of being nominated to the category.
You can only nominate a single time – so don’t worry about needing to log in every day for weeks.  They only allow a single submission per person.   Note: that they’ll be using some email verification techniques AND a small percentage of folks will be randomly asked to “verify” their vote by needing to click the verify link in a separate email.  So, if you get one of those don’t forgot to click the link.

As for those comments, we trust you have your own reasons for listening to the CPL Poker Podcast but if you want some assistance you could try some of these lines of thoughts:

  • Funny and entertaining
  • Offer a wide variety of poker items from news to reviews to analysis
  • Easy to understand poker analysis
  • Entertaining and well produced show that’s not just talking heads but offers transitions, solid bumper music and a MN music segment
We’re going to be “pimping” this over the next couple of weeks so please bear with us for that – and don’t forget to vote, once, beginning September 15th!!