Karaoke Plays OH8 Tourney for Practice, Gets in Cash Game

By Karaoke Phil

It was “Wacky Wednesday” at the Running Aces poker room and I took advantage of it being Spread Limit OH8 night to practice for next month’s Midwest Poker Classic.  As part of our “Suck Out” staking series I am offering two separate backing packages (see the post below) and I wanted to get some practice in.  I haven’t played Omaha since “Black Friday” and have never played it as spread limit.  Since this format will be in place at next month’s MPC I wanted to check it out. 

I have booked action for 10% of package A and 5% of the other with at least two others with “dibs” while they make a final decision. Space is available but going.  Last night’s results may want you to move sooner than later.
So, here’s how it went down:
Traffic on 35E had me arriving half way through level 2 (you can buy-in/re-enter through level 4).  No mind though – I folded a couple of hands and then went to work.  By first break at the end of level 4 I may well have been tourney chip leader with 58K in chips and about 70 players left (of the 91 entries).
I suffered in level 8 making my only moderately large mistake of the tourney (chasing a hand I shouldn’t have been in at all).  Second break took place at the end of the level and I had been reduced to 24K in chips with 26 players remaining.  Cash payouts were set for the top 10 with the 11th place finisher getting a buy-in refund in the form of a future tourney voucher.
In Level 11, with 14 players left, I tripled up to 54K in chips.  The next hand dealt me A/2/3/7 – I bumped it up and got two callers.  With the flop of K/K/J my hand was done and I had lost most of the chips I had just won.  I busted in Level 12 – on the payout bubble in 12th. 
Three plus hours at the $4/$8 Half Kill OH8 cash game afterwards saw me recoup my $65 tourney entry fee while also covering my drinks for the evening and filling up my car’s empty gas tank with enough left over to go out to lunch today (and not Taco Bell).  It felt good to play OH8 again, I played well and I’m looking forward to the upcoming tourney “season”.  Book your action now!!