Karaoke Phil Qualifies for FPN Monthly Championship

In his first online attempt for Free Poker Network’s “Poker Pro” promotion, Karaoke Phil has qualified for their 9/1 online championship.

Karaoke “turned in” one of his game cards and played a nightly qualifier with 42 others.  When his J/8 was run down on the river by pocket 8s after the board ran out J/9/3/7/8, Phil was runner up.  The top 5 qualified for the online championship.  As of this posting there are about 90 players signed up.  The winner will get a 3-night hotel stay, airfare allowance and entry into the National Championship in Vegas this December. 
FPN’s “Poker Pro” Champion will earn a $10K Poker Pro contract including tournament entries into events at the Five Diamond Classic at the Bellagio, North American Poker Tour, Heartland Poker Tour, and WSOP.  Travel and cash round off the sponsorship. 
Does this bode well for those looking to back Karaoke in one of the two packages being offered?  He looks to be heating up at the right time.  Portions from both packages have already been booked, but there is still some action available.