BREAKING NEWS!! – MN State Poker Tour is Dead – Long Live the Mid-States Poker Tour

There have been a couple of changes that the CPL Poker Podcast has just recently become aware of:

First, Phil Mackey (ESPN-1500 radio personality here in the Twin Cities) appears to no longer have any affiliation with MN Poker Magazine or the (once was) MN State Poker Tour.  Mackey’s own Facebook page shows his affiliations with both entities ending this past April.  He has been delisted as “Editor and Publisher” of MN Poker Magazine beginning with the June issue.  That makes sense as any work done in April would have been for the May issue.
Second, the Minnesota State Poker Tour now redirects to – the “Mid-States Poker Tour”.   The domain name was registered at the end of March with the web site appearing to have gone live – though it is still being populated with info – at the end of June or early July.   The new Mid-States page on Twitter looks to have been set up around the end of June as well – it currently has no followers, tweets and is not following anyone else.  We assume the official announcements are forthcoming, but we’re breaking it here.  Phil Mackey looks to have been “scrubbed” from the MSPT history as well.  With the rename to Mid-States Poker Tour – Bryan Mileski has listed only himself as founder – a bit unfair since he wishes to keep mention of the more than $1.2 million that the MINNESOTA State Poker Tour gave out as part of the Mid-States history.  Seems to us that you can’t really have it both ways – the MN State Poker Tour, at a minimum, should be given some ink as the precursor to the Mid-States tour.
It appears to us that this new Mid-States Poker Tour is looking to fill a void created when the Heartland Poker Tour went national.  The new MSPT has already listed 9 events for 2012 with 5 taking place in MN, 3 in Iowa and one in Wisconsin.  It would seem difficult to continue calling the product the MN State Poker Tour if/when half of the events are not in the state.  And, the HPT largely departing the area seems to open up a good niche for them to fill.
The next (first) Mid-States Poker Tour event will be at Treasure Island in Welch, MN in September. 
07/17 – 10:28pm – Edit/Update.  We didn’t want to bury this in the comments but, wanted to clarify Bryan’s remarks (see comments) vis-a-vis this story.  We have no indication at all that there was any animus in the Mackey departure.  We continue to frequently see PMac promote MN Poker Mag through his twitter account and, we believe he’ll continue to give props to the MSPT as those events occur.  Thus, lending full credence that the two co-founders of MN Poker Mag and the MN State Poker Tour are, indeed, “on good terms.”