Karaoke Phil takes 2nd in GMIPT Tourney

By Karaoke Phil

I play in a monthly home tourney called the GMIPT.  It is a mix of players from the very solid and experienced to newer, more recreational type players.  It always makes for an interesting and fun time and I think it helps to vastly improve my overall game.

The other aspect to that improvement is that it is a good-sized league.  I’ve played about 7 times and the smallest field we’ve had is 18 players (2 tables) with attendance in the mid 20’s (3 tables) as the norm.
Last night we had 34 runners.  I played well (I thought) with only very few real mistakes (perhaps only 1 or 2) and took down 2nd place.  It’s likely not yet quite enough to get me into the year-end Tournament of Champions, but it should put me a good way towards it.