Lions beat Horses – Midnight Blue continues

Judge Kathleen Gearin from Ramsey County made rulings today regarding several appeals in the Minnesota State Shutdown saga.   Life, like poker, “is simple, it’s either cherry red or midnight blue.”  And, when it comes to the rulings, shutdown and poker – Midnight Blue prevails.

Gearin ruled that state statutes allow the Minnesota Zoo (I still like to call it the “New Zoo” – then again I still call Xcel Energy – NSP and Qwest is “Ma Bell”) to reopen since it notes that the zoo gets to keep their revenue that they generate.  The same isn’t true for Canterbury Park and Running Aces.  While fees cover all the costs the Minnesota Racing Commission still needs to submit budget requests for their funding.  Because they need to ask for money (i.e. – the fees aren’t automatically forwarded to them) they fall back into the category of needing the legislature to make the necessary appropriations to keep them open.   Of course, the state shutdown means that isn’t able to be done.
Canterbury Park and Running Aces will remain closed – Midnight Blue Friday continues on…..