CPL’s Karaoke Phil Heads to Shooting Star – 6th Consecutive State Championship Tourney for him

Dateline Saturday – May 7, 2011

Our own Phil Fuehrer (Karaoke Phil) will be in Mahnomen, MN and the Shooting Star Casino for the Free Poker Network’s (FPN) State Championship.  This one is for the Sin City Showdown and a shot at playing for a WSOP Main Event seat.  It will be Karaoke’s 6th straight State Championship appearance.  He will also collect his 4th medallion in 6 promotions.   FPN uses the medallions like trophies to signify the season winner for a bar on a given night.  Promotions used to have three seasons with the last two consisting of two seasons.
For all the appearances and medallions – Karaoke’s best finish has only been 40th.  There are typically around 200 runners at the Championship Events with anywhere from the top 5 to 13 winning prizes (depending on the promotion).  This will, however, be the first Championship event in which Karaoke will begin with a double chip stack.
All of CPL Poker Podacast-land wishes Phil the best of luck and good skill in this attempt!!!