CPL Historian – Commemorative Chip Give-Away

Hello all in CPL Land, this is the CPL Historian Mark Wittig with another CPL History Question. 

Each winner will receive an commemorative 100th CPL podcast Poker Chip.  If you join me at the Medina Ballroom for the WPTAPL on Thursdays or go out to Eric’s Bar in St. Paul for the Free Poker Network on Tuesdays and play with Phil, you can see this great chip in person. 

If you are not a Twin Cities resident, there is a nice scan on the last blog entry.  This is not your standard “dice” poker chip, this is the real deal, clay compression chip.

Congratulations to Wyn Santo who was the last winner.  The correct answer was “Rock” or “Rock Lobster” or “Lobster”.  I was inspired 

after hearing that Phil and Mark joke about CPL meaning Card Playing Lobster and created a nice logo (pictured above).
But, now on to the new CPL History Question.
Listening to the opening banter, I learned a lot about Mark and Phil.  Everything from their political choices to their lack of home improvement skills.  I also learned that they do more than just play poker.  So here is the question:  
What sport do Mark and Phil play together during the summer?
If you know, send in your answer to the CPL or call hot line (641-715-3900 Ext 53523)
 and get your answer played on the podcast.  Someone will win a chip – all correct responses will be pooled together and a winner chosen.  If there are no correct answers – a winner will be selected from all of the incorrect choices.
Good Luck, or should I say Good Skill.