The Internationality of Poker

I  was playing a No-Limit Hold ’em Tourney on FullTilt recently and was struck by the international flair that poker has – especially online.  It struck me as the first table I was at had me as the only American.   The rest of the players consisted of a Spaniard, Croat, Australian, Greek, two Ukrainians and a player each from Switzerland and the Phillipines.

As we continued to play the tournament I was ultimately moved to two more tables (before finally busting out).  Americans were never in the majority on any of the tables (including replacements being moved in after others busted out).

My second table eventually saw the most
players from the U.S. overall (with several

  getting moved in after eliminations) with me and 5 others, but it included a Dutchman, Russian, Brit, Latvian, Italian, Austrian and two Germans while I was there.
The third and final table wasn’t a whole lot different than the second table.
In the end – through three tables and a good chunk of the tournament I saw the following representation:
United States:  9 (including me)
Germany – 3
Russia – 2
Ukraine – 2
Netherlands – 2
And, 1 each from:
New Zealand
Total players: 30  – 9 from U.S., 21 from the World
It’s truly amazing how widely spread the popularity of poker has reached.  And, another upside is that I can occasionally practiced my Czech (though I try not to do that for too long so no complains about “English Only” at the table).
Take a look next time you’re online – my guess is you’ll see an veritable international bazaar.