CPL Poker Podcast Hosts School the FPN

This past Tuesday, Mark joined Phil at Erik’s Bar for the weekly Free Poker Network (FPN) poker league match.  Our regular listeners know that Phil plays
each Tuesday (and the occasional Saturday there), but it is a rarer event for
Mark to come out.

However, Mark did trek out for the second Tuesday in a row.  Erik’s saw
36 contestants come out this cold January night here in Minnesota.  Phil took
several hits early on and was, at one point, down to 375 chips (from a starting
stack of 2000).  He joined Mark at the final table after finally being able to
hit some hands and with better play.  Mark, took several hits during the final
table and was down to about 700 or so chips – only to double up several
By the time, the table reached 3-handed play it was Mark with about 27K in
chips, Ed Oswald with about 28K and Phil with 14K.  In the end, after some
negotiating, Phil took down the first place points, Mark was in second and Ed
took home third. 
There’s a lesson in there somewhere – something akin to “CPL