Great Upcoming Events

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and that you rowdily (though, of course, safely) ring in the New Year!!  A quick note on some great things coming up over the next couple of weeks.

First off – the 2010 CPL Best of Music is due out very soon (before New Year’s).  We narrowed down the field, but the CPL listenership selected the top songs for the year.  It’s a great show and we had fantastic music this year – we hope you enjoy it.

Second,  our 100th (that’s one hundred) show is coming up on January 8, 2011at 2 pm central time.  We’ll be on (that’s the broadcast page) if you’d like to interact with us that way.  We’ve had a great time prepping for the show and we think you’ll really like it. 

Lastly, we held on to our advertising credits to promote the upcoming century-mark show.  So, you may see some of our ads on Facebook, Google and, yes, even Myspace.

Again, Happy New Year, and thanks for supporting the CPL Poker Podcast!!

Mark and Phil