McNutt a Jewell

I was watching my alma mater Minnesota Gophers yesterday taking on the #24 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes in college football and couldn’t help but take notice of Marvin McNutt – Iowa’s starting split end.  While the Golden Gophers went on to win 27 – 24 – it was McNutt who caught the 18-yard 4th quarter TD to give Iowa a (at the time) 24 – 20 lead. 

Marvin McNutt was a back up QB at his Missouri high school when he became the starter for game 7 (the coach was upset with his team’s .500 record).  McNutt went on to lead the team to 2nd in state while earning a spot for himself on the Second Team All-State.  A stellar senior season (establishing himself as a running Quarterback) earned him scholarship offers from major universities in 7 Midwestern states (including the U of MN).
 It was also McNutt that caught the no-time-remaining game winning TD against Michigan State in 2009 and helped then #10 Iowa to an early lead (and ultimate victory) with his 1st Quarter TD against Georgia in last year’s Orange Bowl. 
As I’ve alluded to, I am greatly impressed with Marvin McNutt and his abilities.  In fact, I believe he may well become the prototype for the offensive football player.   Certainly read first round draft choice when he comes out to go pro.  While his QB days are behind him he will be so instrumental to football that the split end position will come to be called the “McNutt end” – or McNutt for short.  Eventually, I see a whole vernacular centered on Marvin – he is that good. 
Some day quite soon we’ll hear coaches that long for a franchise player say , “I’d give my left McNutt for a player of so-and-so’s caliber.”  Or, those with offensive woes bemoan the fact that, “We have to rely on the run game because we don’t have the McNutts to pass the ball.”   On the other side of the ball, top defenses will brag of being “McNutt busters” and bragging before a big game, “we’ll put their McNutts in a vice.” 
And, it’ll all be due to Marvin McNutt.