Jason Senti eliminated in 7th place

The CPL’s Karaoke Phil with the 2010 WSOP Main Event’s 7th
Place Finisher – Jason Senti
By Karaoke Phil

Jason Senti ran as well as a short stack could run at the WSOP final table – until that one time he didn’t run so good.

I watched the ESPN 360 live coverage of the final for about 8 hours – cheering on our home town favorite.  As the short stack (9th of 9) in chips Jason had commented that he was going to shove aggressively when able, stealing the blinds when able and looking to double up if called.  Indeed, he open shoved (if memory and my count serve me well) 4 times in the first 18 hands – stealing blinds and antes each time.

Jason eventually chipped up enough that he was able to make the first final table elimination when his pocket Qs held up against Soi Nguyen’s A/K. That moved Jason into 6th place (chip count) with 8 players remaining. 

After being whittled down again, Jason pushed from the SB with K/7 in a battle of the blinds.  If I heard the talking correctly Jason mistakenly believed he had 2 or 2.5 BB less than he actually did.  That may have changed his mind on the shove, but here he made the shove and was called by Joseph Cheong’s A/9.   It was Jason’s time to suck out as he rivered a flush to double up.

About 4 and a half hours later (including a 90 minute dinner break) and after the eliminations of Matthew Jarvis, it was now Jason’s time to get sucked out on.

Jason moved in with big slick and was called again by Cheong – he held Ts this time.  The flop held two Ks and a Q.  When the turn brought a Jack, Senti only needed to fade a T to double up again – and that might’ve been all he would’ve needed.   Unfortunately, a river 9 gave Cheong the straight and runner runner suck out eliminating Jason in 7th place for about $1.35 million.