FPN runs first Sin City Showdown national qualifier – Karaoke at final table

Free Poker Network’s (FPN) new promotion is “Sin City Showdown” with a chance to win a main event seat in the 2011 WSOP.  FPN ran their first online qualifier tonight (11/1) and our own Karaoke Phil joined the action.

It was a great field for an attempt at winning the main prize as there were only 38 entrants on hand.   Karaoke doubled up in the first couple of hands with Ks vs Qs making him the early chip leader.  By the time the field had been reduced to 25 he was still 2nd in chip count.

Karaoke had dropped to 5th place when action collapsed to 2 tables (20 players) only to immediately be able to get it all in again with Ks – this time against 9s.  That eliminated a player and put Phil back into 2nd.

He lost and regained the tournament chip lead with 14 and 12 players in the field and was 2nd moving into final table.  Vikingsfan60 quickly did the double elimination of two shorter stacks and we were down to 8 players with Phil in 3rd.  Phil moved between 2nd and 4th in chip stack as the field dwindled down – 7 left, 6 left.

Karaoke gets hit hard when he runs his A/T into the tourney chip leader’s (VIkingsfan60) A/Q.  Hurt badly he quickly gets A/T in the SB at pushes all in for a battle of the blinds.  The BB wakes up with ACES.  Karaoke rivers a straight to double up (and suck out).

The tourney moves down to 5 players – UTG Phil is dealt K/Q.  He raises and is called by VIkingsfan60.  A series of min bets the rest of the way have Vikingsfan showing A/J (for a pair of Js) to Phil’s busted open ended straight draw.  That, again, badly wounds Phil.   He pushes when down to about 4.5 BB with Qs and is called by the other short stack (player: RDSM with K/Q) and a middle stack (J/9).  The board flops Ace, Ace, Ten.  It’s another Ten on the turn.  Phil needs to fade a K.  And, the river….is a King.  Phil is out in 5th.

We pick up the action again heads up with RDSM holding a significant lead over Vikingsfan60:  120K to 57K.  RDSM slowly whittles down Vikingfan who finally get is all in with Q/7.  They bust RDSM’s A/9 and RDSM’s lead is now around 109K to 68K.

  Vikingsfan then picks up and wins with pocket 4s to take the lead. 
RDSM retakes the lead after betting the open-ended straight draw he gets on the Turn.  Vikingsfan doesn’t have the horns to call.
The match ends, unceremoniously, when all the chips get in on a board of  8, 7, 2, 3 (after RDSM pushes and Vikingsfan makes the hero call).  RDSM shows 8/2 to Vikingsfan60’s J/7.  Fan needs a 7 or J on the river, but it’s a Greenstein Ace.
RDSM takes it down and will be on his (or her) way to Vegas next spring.