Geographic Site Stats: “Thank You, Indiana!, And, Everyone Else Too!!”

We’ll bring back an old friend – site statistics – next month, but since we lost four days’ worth of stats this month due to some minor site redesign we won’t go full bore.  We did, however, want to acknowledge the geographic locations of some of our visitors.
Minnesota continues to lead the list – hey, we’re based here – with Minneapolis and St. Paul as the top two locations.  Three cities in India make our top ten: Noida (3rd), Mumbai (6th) and New Delhi (10th).  Why? we’re not entirely sure, but welcome. 
Something we wrote (or podcasted on) struck a nerve in Indiana as we had several visits each from Lafayette, West Lafayette, Danville, Indianapolis and Fishers.   All are Indiana cities located within about 60 miles from each other.
A thank you to all our visitors (listeners and readers) with a special acknowledgment to some other cities that have “regular” (repeat) fans including: New York City, San Francisco, Kansas City, Grand Forks, Los Angeles, Hull (MA),Montebello (CA) and Hastings, St. Cloud and Circle Pines (MN).

Keep spreading the word and we’ll keep doing our best to bring you news, info and entertainment!!!

Mark and Phil