Karaoke Phil in MPC Event #7 – OH8

The 2010 Midwest Poker Classic kicked off last Friday (Oct. 1) at Running Aces.  It runs through October 10 where it culminates in an $1100 Main Event.

Along the way there are mostly your standard No-Limit Hold ‘Em (with a bounty tourney or two thrown in) and buy-ins ranging from $120 to $335 (after you toss in the $5 dealer appreciation fee).
But, there are also a couple other games to mix it up some (though we believe there should be more).  These other games include a Limit Hold ‘Em tourney and a NL/OH mix game.  Additionally, there is Event #7 – OH8 and that’s where our own Karaoke Phil will be today.
We’ll post his results commentary when we have it.