The Sweet Grace of Karma

By Karaoke Phil Fuehrer

A couple of months back I wrote about Wyn Santo beating me out by one point to win the bar I play in for the MN Poker League (Free Poker Network).

Karma has a way of balancing out life.  Ying doesn’t exist without yang.  And, the bad that may have happened to you is, most often, balanced out by something good.

I found such balance in the current Free Poker Network promotion that’s going on.  I continue to tackle Erik’s Bar in St. Paul each Tuesday evening.   After finishing May in 2nd and 33 pts behind Jody Hamilton I took the lead from him the first week of June.

He missed the next week which allowed me to extend my lead when I finished 2nd.   It’s the break I needed as our battle down the final three weeks of June had Jody outperforming me with 2nd, 7th and 4th place finishes to my 8th, no points and 6th place results.  In the end I held on by 2 points to win Tuesday and qualify directly to the state tournament in my 5th consecutive promotion.

What goes around, comes around – the sweet grace of karma has that way of balancing things out.