Soft Launch for Real Deal Poker

 Real Deal Poker
, the only online poker site that uses actual cards (not a random
number generation program) has opened up with a soft launch. 

Real Deal is registered out of the Isle of Man and stems from the ideas
of a gentleman by the name of Gene Gioia – a Denver businessman and
poker player.

The concept is pretty much the same as any online poker site – but instead of a virtual deck being “shuffled” starting with a random number generation program (used to figure out which order the cards will be in) – Real Deal uses high speed shuffle machines that use actual decks of cards.  Players are also allowed to cut the deck as in live play.

The launch is a “soft one” – meaning they’re up but not fully announcing it yet.  The time (as yet undefined) is used to work out kinks and other various bugs.  In fact, as this is being written there’s an issue with their servers and the game function has been temporarily shut down.

We haven’t downloaded the software, but in looking at the pictures and screen shots that are up it has an overall feel of the old Jungle Poker.  The avatars appear to be actual pictures of people in various poses and the the standard play looks to be 10 handed.  For now, U.S. players can only log on and play for “practice” (play) chips.  The site is staying out of the American market until the UIGEA mess is cleared up.

We’ll report more once we know more.