1 Point. Or, Why I Hate Wyn Santo

From Karaoke Phil:

It’s a 16-week season (comprised of two 8-week sessions).  Come out ahead on points and you get a snazzy card protector as your League Champ “trophy”.   I speak, of course, of the Free Poker Network (MN Poker League) bar league that I regularly play.
We just concluded our WSOP 2010 promotion at Erik’s Bar in St. Paul where I play on Tuesdays.  It was my fourth promotion with FPN.  I won the bar during two of the previous three seasons (promos) I’ve played.   During this season I took down session 1 (first 8 weeks);that put me in the driver’s seat for a third bar championship and a growing collection of card protectors.

Session two started badly for me.  While I was at Running Aces during week 1 playing my home poker league winnings (an entry into RA’s$185 POY tourney) Wyn Santo was taking down Erik’s.   I missed out on gaining some bar points, but did get a chance to play with POY-Leader Everett Carlton.  When we collapsed to 2 tables he came over.  I busted out in 14th.  I think Everett went on to win.

Okay, no big deal.  I had a good lead and after finishing a spot ahead of Wyn in week two (4th to his 5th) he went on a four week cold streak while I pointed with 5th and 14th place finishes.   Two weeks to go and I have a 192 point lead.  I haven’t clinched but I’m looking good.

I reached the final table of session 2’s week 7 (the 15thweek overall).  It’s good for 96 points.  Unfortunately, Wyn is still alive and goes on to win – collecting 221 points.  My lead is down to67 points.   It’s a tenuous position, but Wyn will need to point (top30% of the field).  If I make points myself he’ll need to finish 4 or 5spots above me.  I reach the final table again – busting out in 6thplace.   And, yes, Wyn is still there, still collecting chips.  He needs to finish first or second though – I have some hope.   That hope fades as quickly as the Eric Bana/Drew Barrymore movie “Lucky You ” left the theaters.  Players start falling like dominoes.  Wyn takes second.

I play 15 of the 16 weeks and reach the final table a solid ten times (winning twice) in fields averaging 38 players.  Wyn also plays15 weeks and wins twice.   He only reaches the final table 9 times but the second place he grabs in week 16 is enough to pass me – 1440 points to 1439.  I hate you Wyn.  Congratulations on taking down the bar.